2015 Schedule
Race Day Schedule
A race day will consist of at least one round of practice, 12 lap heat, and a 20 lap feature.
Positions for the heats will be on a pill system.  We will run two classes, but will combine the classes if we don't have enough to run separately.

Class entry fees for memebers will be $20.00 and $15.00 if you are eligible to run the 2nd class. Entry fees will be paid to the club. You are responsible to pay the pit pass to the track.  Non PA Wing members entry fee will be $25.00 for the 1st class and $20.00 for the 2nd class.

All races on the 2014 schedule will go towards the Ironman Points, unless noted. You will be allowed to drop 1 race date off your points total. We will discuss other dates at the end of each race night. These races will not go towards the Attendance Points.

Rainout's will not be rescheduled.

We always like to pit together when possible.  If you are the first person at the track, please try and let someone at the track  know our intension's of pitting together.